Bauer, David 
Senior Vice President, Government Relations

Black, Alison Premo
Senior Vice President, Policy; Chief Economist; Deputy Managing Director, Contractors Division

Camardi, Michael
IT Manager

Connolly, Una
Vice President, Safety & Environmental Compliance; Managing Director, Research & Education Division; Executive Director, CUTC

Embrey, Peter
Director of Sales

Fazeli, Sepi
Contracts Manager

Franks, Dean
Vice President of Congressional Affairs

Goldstein, Nick
Assistant General Counsel; Vice President, Environmental & Regulatory Affairs; ARTBA-PAC Manager

Holan, Mark
Editorial Director

Houlihan, Eileen
Senior Writer/Editor; Media Relations Manager; Scholarship Program Manager

Jeanneret, Matt
Senior Vice President of Communications & Marketing; Executive Director, ARTBA Transportation Development Foundation

Johnson, Brie
Events & Special Projects Manager

Juliano, Rich
Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives; Managing Director, Contractors Division; Managing Director, Public Private Partnerships Division; ARTBA-PAC Treasurer

Klein, Allison
Vice President, Member Services; Staff Attorney; Managing Director, Materials & Services Division; Executive Director, Bridge Policy & Promotion Council

Kramer, Carolyn
Deputy Director, Transportation Investment Advocacy Center (TIAC)

Laird, Melanie
Program Assistant

Lammie, Kate
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO and Executive Vice President/COO

Lyanguzova, Dobrina
Junior Staff Accountant

Moore, Matt
Creative Director, Video & Interactive

Monaghan, Sammy
Graphic Designer

Nada, Lital Shair
Market Research Associate; Assistant Director, ARTBA Research & Education Division (RED)

Parish, Saerome
Accounting Manager

Proctor, Markus
Web Developer

Regier, Rob
Field Director; Manufacturers Division Liaison

Rose, Allison
Manager of Member Services and Chapter Relations; Membership Records Coordinator

Ruane, Pete
President & CEO

Sakata, Michael
Vice President of Operations; Managing Director, Transportation Officials Division; Executive Director, Metropolitan Washington Road & Transportation Builders Association

Sant, Brad
Senior Vice President of Safety & Education; Managing Director, Traffic Safety Industry Division; ARTBA-Transportation Development Foundation Executive Director for Safety Training & Education Programs

Stinson, Beth MacNeil
Director of Education and Online Learning

Tarrant, Ed
Vice President of Meetings and Events

Toohey, Bill
Executive Vice President & COO

Vasquez, Robinson
Safety Training & Business Development Specialist