Market Intelligence 

ARTBA’s expert economics and research team produces a regular series of reports that provide intelligence and cover all aspects of the transportation construction market.

Annual Subscription

These 5 value-added reports are among the association’s best-selling products. With monthly and quarterly reports, we help make sure to cover the market from every angle, including the highly sought after “Contract Awards” data. This premium subscription service provides up-to-date information on the market so that analysts and industry firms are armed with the data they need to make smart, well-informed decisions.

Here is what’s included:

Monthly Transportation Construction Contract Awards

This report provides the number and value of new contracts awarded each month by state and local DOTs for transportation construction projects. The data is broken out by state for highway, bridge, port and waterway, railroad and airport projects.


Value of Transportation Construction Put In Place
It tracks the value of construction work completed for all modes, including highways, bridges, airports, public transit systems and water transportation facilities.


Federal Highway Obligation
This monthly report tracks state-by-state data on the amount of federal funds obligated each month for federal-aid highway and bridge projects.


Quarterly Market Conditions Survey
It offers a broad range of data on current market conditions and the outlook from a survey of ARTBA contractor members. This report is also available to any contractors participating in the survey.


Transportation Construction Employment

It offers a monthly update on employment in the industry.

Bonus: Free Annual Economic Forecast

Subscription subscribers also receive a free copy of the ARTBA chief economist’s annual economic forecast which is published late in the year.  This is a $200 value.  It provides insights and analysis about the highway, bridge, transit, rail, aviation, port and waterways, and P3 markets for the upcoming year.


$3,500 (member) $4,000 (non-member)

To purchase a subscription, contact ARTBA’s Lital Shair Nada, 202.683.1021.